Wild And Free: A Davie Story

Humans are animals. That's a scientific fact. It has been proven through the use of a scientific method. But this is also true, though not scientifically: we are caged animals. Yes, that's right, we are caged. Even though the US constitution states that all US citizens are free, it's not true. The government is teasing you with this promise of freedom, but they still control a lot of what we do, how we do it, and who we really are. There is nothing "free" about being human.

So what does make us free? Spiritual righteousness, freedom, acceptance, guidance, enlightenment, all of the things that are so far out of reach for many people. But do you know where it can be found? I do. How? Because I've tasted true freedom. I've felt myself being enveloped in everything that makes a person free before something somewhere saw that a human was free, and it was ripped away from me, and now I am caged more than ever, and I am straining to be free again. I'm pressed against the metal bars, growling fiercely, snapping my jaws, and barring my teeth. I'm angry, I'm ravenous, I'm hurt, torn apart, pushed to my limit, snarling, growling, biting, crying. Yes, I am ******* pissed.

I'm not even sure what to blame. I've considered blaming myself, blaming my mother, blaming my father, blaming everything. Now I know that the only thing I have to blame is life itself. Life as we know it is a JOKE. It's nothing but some big fat joke that a pissed off God is playing on every single one of us. He's pissed because we let material things, greed, and selfishness cloud our judgement of what is right and what is wrong. Nothing is spiritual sacred anymore. Everything is material, something we can flash and brag about.That's why the world is a hideous and disgusting place to be.

I felt free when I had Davie. No, strike that, I didn't feel free, I was free. He put me in a place where I believed in myself, and everything in my world was bright and open. He helped me to see a future with him that was free of gates and restraints of all kinds. We could get by no matter what our situation would be because he loved me. He still loves me, and I don't doubt that. But now my chain has been tightened, and I can no longer see him, hear him, or speak to him at all. I've been thrown into the corner of my cage like a pound dog, and I'm in line to be put down. But you know what? I'm not going to let life do this to me. Life is not going to put me down and force me to go with the norm. No. I'm putting my foot down. I have my back against the wall. An animal's instinct is either fight or flight, and humans are known for the flight tactic. I am not doing that. I'm going to fight for what I believe in, fight for who I am, and fight for the freedom that I as a spiritually-righteous human being deserves. I am going to get back to the freedom that Davie brings to me. I don't care what it takes, and I would say that I don't care how long it takes either, but I do. I want it RIGHT ******* NOW and I'm going to get it. My teeth are barred, my snarl is ripping through the silent air, my growls give chills to the life norm that is trying to destroy me. I am not another statistic, I am not another pawn in government games, I am not another number in the growing population of the earth, I am ME. And I'm only me, I'm only free, I am only in the world that I belong in when I am with MY Davie. True love is why we are put on this earth. We are put here as half of a person, and we all are on a journey to find our other half, and only then, are the fences raised, the bars melted, the chains broken. It is our Destiny. I haven't forgotten this, and I'll be damned if I don't get it.

Davie is my everything. He is my freedom, my heart, my life, my every breath, my pulse, my blood, my other half, my entire world. It is my Destiny to achieve my life with him. I love you Davie. I hope you see this.
emfire911 emfire911
18-21, F
Apr 24, 2012