I Believe That Real Love Is A Connection

I believe real love is within us all and it is one of the few things that will never die, although I also see so many unaware of its existance and its awesome ability to shine through us to the outer world and radiate others and make them feel alive.
I feel this is because we are to preoccupied with dealing with the stresses of life instead of stepping back and seeing what is really happening in our lives and how we create our own dramas almost because we need a gentle kick in the buttocks to awaken to a greater knowing and love we all hold the key to in the palm of our hand, We just need the courage to open the inner door to ourselves and take a peek it is awe inspiring! Yes i believe love is the meaning of life...
warmest of regards to all Nadie Reid
Nadie2012 Nadie2012
46-50, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

I agree Nadie, love is a connection