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My Stepdad died three years ago. My Sister and I finished cleaning out his house, except for one thing, his cat....Veronica. I got to know Veronica aka 'Ronnie' thru the years. Stepdad wasn't really taken with the cat, a 'leftover' from my Sister's Stepmom. Ronnie was a companion cat, a comfort for my Stepdad's wife. ( Who happened to be the affair that broke up my Mother's marriage, or at least excellerated it...but that's a story for another group.) Neither Sis nor I had the heart, or lack thereof to take old Ronnie to the shelter.
We put her online...we posted pics in Vet's offices... We offered free food and litter....but, no takers for the old, kinda crazy girl. Since Sis andi had cats of our own, we did the only thing we could think of: we gave Ronnie to our Mom....and didn't tell her it was her former husband's cat, who before that belonged to ' that bit@h.' Mom and Ronnie bonded, and all went well for a couple of years.

Ronnie had been inside/outside in her former life. She would get out sometimes, but always came home, until the time she didn't. Last fall when she didn't find her way home, sadly, we figured she had gone off to die, or had been killed. This made us very sad, as the old gal had already had a hard life....and many homes. We missed her...we worried about her...we didn't want her to have died alone out in the cold.

Four months passed, and not even a Ronnie sighting. Sis and I adopted a kitty for Mom, and 'Lily' was a welcome Christmas present. Mom and Lil have done just fine together. Well, you know how this is gonna go, don't you? Six months of not seeing Ronnie, i saw her. She was haggered, filthy, day blind......and wild, she wouldn't come to me....she ran. I have been feeding her for weeks...gradually she would let me approach. She wanted love...but she didn't trust me. Just this last week, I sat in the grass several yards away, at the sight of me, she rolled on her back, stretched, and ....RAN as usual as I walked closer. Thad last few days....closer and closer.Today was the day!

Now, Mom, Sis, and I ....all three have cats....but I brought poor Ronnie home. She is not vaccinated , and my inside cats would be at risk.
I teared up as I carried her in her cat carrier to the garden shed. I listenened to myself say, " I'll be your Mom. It's far from perfect, but you willbe safe." once in the shed, she purred...she rubbed me...she let me hold her like a baby...I have been out several times to visit her.
She is more loving and affectionate than she was with stepdad or Mom.

And here's why I'm crying....there are many people who don't get rescued...or touched. If a half wild cat responds like this to strokes, attention, touch. What would love and care do for a lonely human?

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What a sweet story. :-) We can certainly learn a lot from pets.

Yup, they provide many life lessons. ;-) thank you, carry.

I was just out visiting her....I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'll figure something out....help me! Oxo