..... Unconditional Love , The Greatest Gift Of All .......

I have experienced unconditional love. I was born to an ill Mother who could not care for me. Knowing her marriage was failing, and living in another state, she chose not to tell her Mother ( my maternal Grandmother ) of her pregnancy. My Mother put me up for adoption, and a couple was preparing to adopt me. As I was an unwanted child, I suppose having parents willing to raise me would have been better than having parents that didn't have a heart for a newborn.

For whatever reason, in a moment of, what.....I don't know, my Father phoned his soon-to-be ex Mother in law and told my Grandmother of my birth and pending adoption. My Grandmother traveled to San Francisco and rescued me. Her age? She was 60 years old. I'm sure Gram didn't have to mull things over, her decision would have been easy and swift.

My Grandmother did all the "hard" stuff...the diapering, the comforting , the worrying ..... The loving. She did it well, and throughly. As I have written before, I was her joy, and she mine. I believe she needed me as much as I needed her. From the time I was born, until her death when I was 22, she was the one constant, solid, loving force that shaped me into who I am today as an adult. I would wish that kind of love for you.....actually, for any and every child.

Gram's death was, and has been the saddest pain I have experienced. I lost part of myself...no one has come close to putting a bandaid on the wound.... Not friends, not lovers.....not even a husband.....or 2. Having experienced Gram's unconditional love for me determined
What I thought love should be, and what I COULD be. So I searched and searched....and I have not found the depth, the pureness, the beauty, the ease of what was "normal" when I was a child. Love, for me has been shallow, controlling, sophomoric at best. Still, for those wonderful, secure, constant, life-changing 22 years I give thanks to the one I love.... My Mother, who was also my Grandmother.

We hope we make a small difference in our world. My Grandmother did, and in turn, I have done what I can, the best I can. This is what I know....my Gram loved me UNCONDITIONALLY, and I know she would be proud of who I am today. I owe it all to her..... Oxo, kathie
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Powerful story. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Carry, thanksforreading this, and for your comment. My best to you.

What a wonderful story...So beautiful and touching. Your Grandmother must have been an amazing woman. I can literally feel this unconditional love of hers between your lines here - the best gift anyone could get. I'm very sorry for your loss. Yet, I do believe that the love that she gave you, will always be a part of who you are. It's in cases like this one when people say that love can overcome death. Thank you for posting such a great story.

Thank you, Spring, for stopping by to read this. I was so blessed, and so loved. I couldn't have said it better than your " best gift anyone could get." stop by anytime, love. :-)

I am glad you had so much love in your young years. Good for you, good for your Gram. And GOOD for your dad, calling her and letting her know about your birth. He loved you too, at least enough to make sure you got to be with your Gram.

I agree...I'm so happy he called....his call changed everything...

Yes. :)

You can rest assured....my family knows and feels my love daily, and my Sister even understands! I wish for you all your heart desires....

Your Grandmother was an amazing and wonderful woman indeed, for everything that she did...and all that love she gave to you...she taught you to give it back. Even with all that you've been through it still shines through. For almost everyone ( Cats included ;) ) you meet and share your world with, can see what a truly loving and giving heart you have... and I thank all the powers that be, that I was given the opportunity to be a part of that world, even if only a little. Your Grandmother and you are BOTH amazing, and the world is a better place for having had you both in it....and you are right...she would be proud. :)

Now this is hard....lovely, yet embarrassing . So I'll be brief: Thank you from the bottom of my heart...we are fast friends......

You are lucky having a grand mother like her...... the purest of all love that you felt is a love that given unconditionally by her..... my prayers that you can share this with your family now.