Are We Meant To Be Just Friends? started three years ago when I got to know her. A simple girl who earned my trust that fast. She's so kind and we've had a good time together. Its not that long before we've decided to threat each other special and that's when we became bestfriends. She's been there all the time and I've realized how lucky i am to have a friend like her.
.. days passed by and i've started to love her, but i'm afraid to tell her everything because i don't think that she feels the same way like i do so I kept it as a secret and tried to get over her that time. I never showed any signs that i'm starting to like her and i've suceeded. I just dont want to lose her and our friendship that's why...
.. It hasnt been long before i was able to get over that feeling and it hasnt been a mishap that i had found a girl who had been very close to me again that time. She's so charming and never wears off a smile on her face. We'd been together in fun times and she's been making me smile whenever we're together. It has been a start of something new to me and i decided to tell it to my bestfriend and she teased me, telling me to pursue her and try to make a move in making her feel that i care. She's been telling me advices then and i've been thankful because of that. Not long after, that girl had been my girlfriend and i had been very happy that time. I've spent almost my whole time with her and i've been trying to make her feel that i'll always be there for her. I loved her that much and she also does. I'd given her all my attention that i almost forgot to communicate with my bestfriend. Our relationship lasted for more than a year but everything started to change when we entered college. Our ways have been separated because i entered to an academy where communication is being cut off as part of the training. She also has been very focused on her studies and i feel that she is now too far from me. During times when we are allowed to communicate in the academy, i am not able to reach her. I dont even receive messages from her and i've been very sad that time. I missed her but i can do nothing. I feel that i am already forgotten but i was proven wrong by my bestfriend. she's always been there everytime that i needed someone to talk to and i realized once again that i'm very lucky that i have a bestfriend.
She's been telling me stories about her experiences but we'd suddenly came to a point where we had recalled the past. I've told her everything, and she told me that she feels the same way too before but she's also afraid. She said that she had loved me before but she never showed any signs that she does for the sake of our friendship.
.. Questions filled up my mind, repeatedly saying "What if?" What if i had told my bestfriend about these before? What if i had done this and that? ... But i realized, things had already settled on to its destined place, everything happens with a purpose and i dont have to regret anything and i just have to be thankful about all of those..
..Silence filled for a while and she changed the topic.
She told me that she had already found someone who has been making her feel special. This is the first time that i ever saw her that happy and I felt happy for her too.
..... months followed after and i had found myself together with my girlfriend. I've been happy about it but i noticed that something has changed about her and this is when my world started to become cold. She told me that she missed me a lot but she could do nothing because im far away from her thats why she dont even try to communicate with me sometimes when i'm free because she will only feel lonely thinking that it will be long before we'll be able to meet again. i felt very sad about everything that she said, she told me that she needs a little space and thats when we decided to have a break up. i had been very lonely for several days but my bestfriend was always there to comfort me. i'm so thankful that time because someone is still there beside me...
.. time flows by and my bestfriend told me that she already have a boyfriend. She's very happy that time and so do i for her. ..
.. a year had gone by and we're still bestfriends. we're hangin' out together like what we used to do years ago.. I'm very happy that i got to know her. I'm happy for her now but the feeling that i felt for her still remains...
imfinallythere imfinallythere
18-21, M
Dec 30, 2012