A love-in is defined as "a social gathering to promote love and feelings of well-being". Wouldn't it be cool if people still gathered for this purpose like they did in the 60s?

I'm not a hippie or a new ager, but I do believe that love is the meaning of life. How I interpret that may be different than others' beliefs, though.

I don't believe that finding someone to fall in love with and living happily ever after is the meaning of life. Love can be found in the most surprising places and, even though romantic love is a beautiful and precious thing, it's not everything.

It's important to love yourself and emanate that love. I'm not talking about a false sense of superiority, which I think is just as unhealthy as a false sense of inferiority. I'm talking about loving and accepting who you are, as you are. You can't truly love or help others if you don't do the same for yourself.

Having been on both ends of the spectrum, my experiences have shown me that my outlook and how I feel about myself affects how I perceive and experience everything.

Peace and Love

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Thank you Proloy :)

I agree with you, my dear friend. It's an excellent introspection expressed in words, which is indeed a difficult task. I appreciate your creative and cogent thinking about many aspects of life. Keep it up, my dear Anadolu. I am sincerely looking for many such pieces.

Thanks Gothere :) I couldn't agree more.

You said it. Anger has this uncanny effect of unsettling even the best....

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If only people seriously contemplated the effect that anger and hatred has on them and their environment, we might have a more loving and peaceful world.

Wow you are very wise and quite good at putting your ideas into words. I too believe that love is something that should be all-encompassing rather that just between couples. If you love everyone unconditionally, especially those who do you wrong, then you are on your way to true peace in your life. You don't have to still have someone in your life that's done you wrong, but to harbor hate for them is not good for your own soul. It's best to forgive and have compassion for them, even if it has to be at a distance.

Good stuff :)

Thanks for your comment. You seem like such a sweet person :)

loveis the meaning of life!!