It Is to Me

love is the meaning of my life. when i fell in love my world was complete, when i fell out of love, i felt nothing i was numb, i conteplated ending it all, my life in other words. but i didn't and i'm happy i didn't. i am in love again and when i love someone i feel so much happier, when someone loves me life seems to matter, i feel like there is actually some meaning in staying alive and some meaning in trying to live happily. When love is in my life, i can live.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I agree - money is no substitute for genuine feelings of affection/.

no you can't. you can pay somone to say they love you but that doesn't mean they do. no matter what love is something you can get by paying only one thing, your heart. money makes no difference

I feel love is meaningful as well :)<br />
As it makes my world so beautiful ..