I found out in Jan that my airman is going to Iraq in september. We just got married last October and we are new to the area. I dont have many friends here and am having trouble finding a job so all I have is school right now...I'm akready having a very hard time coping with the fact that he will be gone for six months...he will also need to leave fro a month in July for combat training....I dont know what I will do with my time and loneliness but I need to grow stronger about this....any suggestions? please!!!

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You have a friend here! I know about the whirlwind of emotions that you are going through. Try to calm them as much as you can.They could really consume you. Have a line of communication as much as y ou can. Plan for home coming. It will give you something to look forward too. Take Care!!! Always a friend MISSA

if u really love this man and do you feel good and excited things about s really enough.<br />
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so he s in Iraq now...really bad situation but i hope this war gonna be finish Obama will stop this bad war.