i think there are so many people out there who don't know how to love and who don't spread enough of it around

there are so many times i have heard people that are so negative about love, it absolutely breaks my heart. in the past few days i have heard so many things that just broke my heart, and i would like to share some of them to prove my point

in class yesterday, someone said this

"i think marriage is a temporary lapse of judgment of making an impermanent mistake"

at work i heard this

"i don't think you need children to be fulfilled, i think they are simply something you are stuck with until the end of time"

"i don't think true love exists, everyone is too selfish to ever love someone else"

hearing these things, and others, truly break my heart. people today seem so absolutely cold. i firmly believe that none of these re any where close to the truth. too many people today believe things like this...and some people at such a young age!!! i cant stand the coldness and bitterness of people today...

learn to let love in. not everyone is out to get you and hurt you...open your heart and mind..just because you've been hurt once doesn't mean you have the excuse to be cold. i have been hurt multiple times in my life in the short amount of time I've lived, and i am one of the most loving sensitive people i know. so i don't know...people need to stop being so bitter and cold.

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Feb 10, 2009