Your Day Your Choice

 When my husband died I think the hardest thing to do was to get up in the morning. My husband always told me the best part of his day was to wake up with me and to go to bed with me. It took  a little time but it just came to me one morning, there was only one reason to get out of bed, and that was that  I had to Pee... Yes, I had to pee. I took it as Gods way to tell me to get up, once up I could hear my husband say, Your burning daylight girl. So to this day 2 yrs. later, there's only one reason to get out of bed. but it's the love and determination to keep on keeping on that helps me fill the daylight.


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mysweetanglelbaby, Sorry to hear you have been through such a heart break. Don't give up hun, when you find the right one it will all be worth it.

Love your story. Just went thru a devastating breakup. Can't stop crying. I thought he was my soul mate.<br />
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I am happy that you experienced that kind of love. I am still searching...<br />
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It's been over three years now and stillllll ......

I'm hoping with you, it is indeed a very special place, and I'm so grateful I had it.

What a wonderful story. I am going to keep hoping that my relationship with my husband gets to this place of love.

Thanks emerald, coming from you that means allot...8-)

THis was a "five star" in my opinion!

Thanks sb, a love like ours is rare and a thing to be charished. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers as I keep all of our military men and women. I pray they will all be home safe and sound soon. God Bless

I truly believe we have this type of relationship! My husband is just getting ready to deploy in January for 3 mo. training then March to Kuwait. I pray everyday for his safety, strength, and faith to get thru this. I want to live a happy life together just as you did. You are an inspiration! Thank you.

I still get up with having to go to the bathroom, but now I can wake with the excitement of a new day and endless posibilitys....

That gave me cold chills. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you one and all, Yes I have been Blessed with my relationship and I have found strengh in our love. Memories to get me through the long nights....

How wonderful to have a love like you have. What a great help in time of trouble. Most of us probably use the morning pee ritual - I know I do - it gets me up but that doesn't mean I stay up. I make sure I feed the dogs so they won't bug me then I hop back in bed and snooze a little more some days.

That is so sad and so beautiful at the same time ... his love is still with you the whole day through ....<br />
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very touching .


You got me to tears. That is the sweetest thing I have ever read. You are so much stronger then I could ever be.