The Mornings Hard to Get Up

Like me I at times think its hard to get out of bed Me because of health you because you have not any one to get up to however rember there never will be any one to get up to unless you get up and meet others I did this by volenteer work then starting adult education a couple of days ago. Why not start the day by getting freinds to send emails and jump out of bed to see if they sent you any Rember even though trhey are miles away if they sent you emails you know they are alive and enjoying your emails. Wife and me have been married 301 years both ill health but last year I thought why get out of bed me not well today I did and the rest of the day was spent renewing my vowels to one loverly woman it was30 years her birthday and mothersday but most proble the best part we shared it with our frends over the world via the net. yes on cam mike and internet we were seen by around 1000 people and only fed 20 (married)
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61-65, M
Jul 15, 2007