Dad Changes Roles

Hi I am Phil stay home Dad to my daughter zephany 2and my Son zack 7.

My wife Jennifer works as Childcare teacher full time.

I was made redundant from my IT job in August 210
We decided to relocate to Singapore .

My wife started job in Childcare
My role as stay home dad started .
Zephany was just 9months.
Zack was 5 and starting K2.

Before This admit it like most guys left Childcare to my wife been typical man !
I just had fun times bath time and putting bed.
When came home from work
If I was early enough for kids to be
Left for work early in morning.

I used ask how was your day
Then played with kids till bedtime
Then reading a book putting them to sleep .

Now I had do all those things somehow used happen by magic while I was out house .

I soon had learn new set skills
Became juggler of 2 different age child's needs trips to park ,feeding
Changing nappies,Putting sleep of little one.
Taking to school my son to school
For morning then spending my
Morning with my daughter before going pick my son up filled my mornings. Afternoons spent putting to sleep zephany and playing with zack in afternoons

As stay home dad I sometimes
Feel undervalued
Lonely during the day people rush
Off to work.
I fell left out of life sometimes.
Jealous of those off work maybe sometimes
Not much in way stay home dad groups for support.

I missed my working day.
Grown ups to talk to .
Coffee breaks for chat .
About football such

My new role in life has changed I now
Appreciate how hard work looking after children can be.

Sometimes I get asked when I am out and about .
where is there mum?

"I say at work "and I am asked who looks after them.

I think people expect me to have maid or helper or mother in law.
" I say I look after them their mine"
People seem surprised a man of 50 can do this or want to do it maybe.

Now my daughter has started nursery school.
Goes work with her mum.

I only have Zack look after .
My day is full of getting him ready for school each day taking him,picking him up,home work,
Sorting school clothes.
School holiday adventures ,bike rides ,trips to science centre .
When Zacks gone school flat is so quiet and miss his company.

Now involved in school activities
Yet again I get asked who looks after your son!
No one expects it be me!
I am afraid at 55 people may think
Grandfather maybe!!

My son "tells people ask him who I am says he's my father he looks after me"

Now looking into getting back to
Work after my 2+ year break.
People are going ask me what have I been doing.

Well I can tell you I been busy!!
It's been frustrating ,stressful,enlightening ,exciting,
Fun and fulfilling time.
Learned lot about been father ,
And lot about myself.
A adventure I wouldn't have missed out on.

Philreads Philreads
56-60, M
Nov 26, 2012