I Wasn't... That's Why I Feel the Need to Be Different

My parents did not love me, nor did they want me. They did not believe that I mattered like my three brothers, and that I was a disgusting abomination.

This is why I feel strongly that every child should have a loving parent who cares for them. I recently made an inquiry into eventual adoption. I found out that because I'm not married and because my BMI = Morbid Obesity that I am not allowed to adopt a child at any time. I would be rejected out of turn.

Every child deserves a loving parent, and it's hard knowing I can't give one what they truly deserve.

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DrCynic, All I'm saying is that although you love kids, *I get that*, take your time. You have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy and love all life has to offer later on. I love my children with all my heart but my one small regret is not having waited and thinking I should have done more, seen more and enjoyed more before I got all up into that responsibility. That's all.

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Also, I've lost about as much as my body is going to... I lost like 80lbs... I can't seem to lose anymore.

Perhaps when you are older (and possibly married) you could consider losing some weight? I mean, if that's the only thing preventing you from adopting a kid... How old do they want you to be anyway?

And all I'm saying is, I enjoy taking care of kids. I love when my friends' babies are over. That's all.

Sweetie, you have too much ahead to think about Children. Granted, I was your age when i had my first daughter but essentially, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I wish I had enjoyed my marriage more 1st before getting into all of that. All i'm saying, my friend, is to enjoy life as best you can and the rest will take care of itself!

In my state you can't adopt at my age anyway, I was just making an inquiry.<br />
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My friends have babies whom I love and adore. I don't see the difference.