Isn't That What

parents are supposed to do?  Love you child for all time?

I find it interesting that there seem to be so many "parents" out there that don't love their kids or could care less for them or about them. 

I find that to be not much better than abuse and defiantly neglect.  If you ignore your kids and don't care about them then you have your priorities all screwed up.  They need to be a priority in your life and if your kids are doing things that they shouldn't be doing, such as drugs, or under age drinking, even having sex under the age of being adults, (I'm talking about the kids around the age of 12 to 17) then it is your responsibility to find out about it and WITH LOVE move them to a different path.

Now when I say with love that does not mean that you lock them away into a room and cut them off from everything or even take things away from them, that does nothing in the long run, it only enforces what you have taken or banned in their mind.  You have to have to talk to them about things, yep I said talk, not yell, not accuse, not loose your cool, but be the adult, the parent and talk to your kids about the things that you don't like to see them do, and have them talk to you about the things that they don't like. 

Listen to what they say, and you kids listen to your parents.  There will be less problems in the world if parents and their kids held the family together, if the family was not driven apart by forces out side of the family such things as depression, suicide, drugs, runaways, would be reduced.

I'm not the best parent either and I don't pretend to be.  I lose my temper and I yell at my kids but I still love them and I would lay down my life for them.


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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

What an awesome post! I totally agree with what you said and think that your children are pretty lucky to have you as a parent!

And im sure u r a great parent*