It Goes In Cycles, Maybe?

As I drove home from the hospital on the morning of my son's birth, my mind kept flashing me images of his face and my body was washed through with unbelievably intense waves of physical pleasure. At the same time, I had a strong sensation of a "message" in my mind, saying: Look after this! This is special and precious!

Here was a grunting, squirming bundle of grumbles and bad smells that was the prime focus of my existence.

Over 13 years later, after nearly 10 years as a single dad, that sense of almost sacred duty lingers in me still. He remains the central person in my life.

Oh, and he has begun grunting and grumbling and smelling bad again too!

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what a beautiful thing.

Ha,ha,ha!!! Hmmmm, well perhaps I didn't think that odd because, odds are, I'll be trying the same thing.<br />
You'll have to forgive me, I'm a kook sometimes.

Ummm... I was joking bout the whiskers, TG. He'd never let me near them.

Awwww....collecting the whiskers from his first are such an awesome dad :)

That would be aggravated assault at the very least -maybe even grevious bodily harm! Not to mention a tragedy. It's so much a part of your family culture, there might even be crimes under the Heritage Act. : )<br />
<br />
I found J's first haircut in a tiny box just the other day. He's 13 now, and has quite a moustache. It really suits his dark-eyed, olive-skinned look, but I might collect the whiskers from his first shave soon. His best friend's big sister tells me he's pretty hot.

Oh! How absolutely wonderful!!! Gypsy ringlets are awesome :)) Bet he's gonna be a looker when he grows up too! If you can get him to brush it and use some sort of silk product in it, it wont dread. being who I am, of course, think dreads are beautiful. That shouldn't surprise you though ;) How old is your J??<br />
Brushing Js hair was a routine for us every night. He'd get out of the bath, get dried off and in his jammies and run to get his brush and his "stuff". lol I swear A, if I get him home and his hair has been cut...even just a little....I'm going to go homicidal!

Hair longer than his arms! That's fantastic. All that brushing must have been a great bonding thing for you over the years -and you must have missed it terribly lately (but something great to look forward to soon!).<br />
James has gypsy ringlets that would turn dread in a week.

Ha,ha,ha!!!! "adolescent rastafarian"....that would be cute! ;)<br />
Naaa...when J was young I would literally have to hold him down to brush and/or braid his hair. Once he got old enough though I simply explained to him that his hair was a very special part of him and that if he wanted to keep it that he must take care of it. Haven't had many problems since. I still have to brush it for him though, just cause he's little and his hair is longer than his arms. have that to look forward fun and more fun.<br />
<br />
I do undrstand as both of mine are boys and twelve years apart so I've had to go around twice....what a ride!

Oh thanks, ayankee, I have that to look forward to...<br />
<br />
My J may be channeling your J, TG. He's refusing to allow a haircut. Which would be OK except he also refuses to brush it, and I don't want an adolescent rastafarian in the house.

Lol....just gets worse!

This made me smile so much A. It made me remember the days my boys were born and those little coos and smiles and silly faces :)<br />
And whats up with them smelling bad all over again?!? Just when you think your done with it as infants, they turn into BOYS! <br />