This is a sediment I feel is completely true.... We as a species have done great things but we have also done terrible things to each other, I find we are getting worse and even more isolated which allows us to stop caring about one another which will ultimately be the down fall of our species... Technology has a big root in this cause, especially social sites like Facebook, because they prevent us from connecting to a real human, we only assume the other person we talk to through the internet is who they say they are, in reality it's most likely not... The connections we have gained with technology has also isolated us from the real world... My belief is that since we had the technology explosion it has caused our species to slowly implode on it's self... That's just my thoughts, take it or leave it... And please avoid being a troll if you want to respond, I won't respond if you are trying to be that type of person...
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I'm certain you meant to write "sentiment", which goes a long way toward proving your point. I'm on a mobile with the swype function, and while it's a useful tool, often it doesn't convey my precise meaning. If I go too fast, then post, my words can be complete gibberish. The tech revolution has great benefits, but I understand it can be isolating. For me, that effect is reversed. I live in a remote area, and having a mobile with internet capabilities has enabled me to connect with wonderful people all over the world. What I see as humanities main threat to itself is the continued dependence on fossil fuel, and the inefficiency of the power grid. That must change.

Thanks for the correction, you where absolutely correct, I meant to say sentiment not iPhone loves to change my words frequently... I can in your circumstance that technology has been a blessing but what I was thinking more of is larger cities where when people go to eat they don't bother even talking to each other, instead they post it on a social website... I do agree that fossil fuels and the power grid need to change, well fossil fuels should go completely and the power grid needs an overhaul... I just worry at times that as a species we won't make it because of the changes we have made and may make in the future..

Wow, things are sure different in other places! One of the reasons I leave the farm is for face-to-face contact. The conversation may be brief and superficial, but at least it's contact. What's your opinion of solar versus nuclear? I like the idea of decentralizing energy, bypass the grid and create a new system of lower voltage, lower wattage supplies that fuel a new, more sensible electric supply.

I am a strong supporter of solar energy along with turbines, we have lots of wind turbines where I live... I think nuclear power has benefits but honestly with how much risk are involved with using uranium in that fashion is just to risky especially knowing that we have to store the waste for over a 100yrs before it becomes less lethal according to nuclear regulation guidelines... I am in support of a smaller grid for one main reason, it would be cheaper to provide power locally but with the US (where I live) still being heavily dependent on coal fire plants to provide power its hard for me to say it's a good idea to go local, there just isn't enough resources to switch to that at this point, maybe 50 to 80yrs from now there will be... I believe we should live in harmony with the planet and provide a balance so we are noting our habitat...