Everyone is self-interested, we seek meaning for our lives in other people. Priests who make you feel important, politicians who lie to get what they want, people who take and not give anything. We breed and breed people who just seek hapiness. Living like everyone else, getting a job, a wife and then die. Is this useful? No. They eat our food and breathe our air, the resources of people who actually want to do something for the world. I say let's evolve, let us bring natural selection back, l say destroy and rebuild society. Eliminate the communists, the liberals, the ****, the filth, the ******, the hippies, the rich, let's smoke them all. Let's bring the order by our own hands.
Neon765 Neon765
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 8, 2014

You desire a cleansing. and that's HORRIFIC. You think you can just kill all the hippies and the rich, the **** and liberals. Tell me who would you keep? And who gets to decide these peoples fate? Are you God. Are all knowing? Are you above all so you can pass judgement on us? No. You're just a sadistic product of this world. You are as bad as the rest of us so get off your horse.

That depends on me, I can be God if I want to, he isn't doing his job anyways. You people have no rights, you don't deserve them, someone needs to get YOU off your horse and show you your selfish hapiness is destroying our world.