My wife is in control ,and spanks me when she feels I have a bad attitude and treat her bad.I am sure I do ,but do not realize it until she says bend of the bed,you are going to get it.I was spanked and locked in a chastity device 3 days ago,and last night she thought I needed more.She had me bed over the edge of the bed ,stretch my arms out over my head ,and tied them to the other side of the bed.My wife has 4 paddles and changed them out as she seen fit.She continued the punishment until I had completely surrendered to it and was no longer resisting,laying completely still as each stroke landed.I am sore this morning.After she was done ,she untied me,got in bed and cuddled up to me.I like that after a punishment.I am still in the chastity device.
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You are a man after my own heart and your wife is a woman after my own heart. Sounds like a marriage that does not have lingering resentments...which is the best kind of marriage.