I think that getting married is a big deal and that a lot of people jump in to marriage with out realizing that it is a long term thing. I know of a lot of marriage's that when they get married and when they live in everyday life together as a married couple, that they do not try to compromise either one person or the two people in the marriage will not think of the other or they just think of themselves with out thinking about how there "beloved" would feel about what ever it is they do or talk about. getting upset if something is not what they like or want to do in general, and that the other does not think of the other person when doing things. I think they need to be able to work things out together, and also that in a marriage they should want to always be together. Of course from time to time some couples fight, but they should be able to resolve the argument soon because they hopefully do not want to fight each other because they love each other. Marriage is two people agreeing to spend there life's together because they want to be together for ever and always. Marriage is as wonderful of a thing as much as it is a big responsibility.

That's what I think at least.
nekajean nekajean
22-25, F
Jul 29, 2010