A Piece Of Paper? Think Again!

Firstly I think marriage is a very serious commitment between two people. Willing to trust each other enough to blend their lives, and not only share their possessions, and their heart, but their legal responsibilities, and that which they accumulate together. In other words they are willing to share. No easy way out here, once you are married to undo the knot, you would need to get a divorce. This is no easy task. So. In essence what you are saying when you marry, is that you are willing to go out on a limb and take a chance, because that person is worth it.. Often times when two are married they not only have made a legal commitment to each other, but many make their vows before God, which in many couple's minds makes their promises, and their bond that much stronger. You are committing yourself for a lifetime. Last but not least because a couple is married it does give couples many more options legally in a number of various areas. Although I think our views on marriage are highly influenced by personal experiences. Just try and make decisions in a hospital for your live in lover who's in a coma. If you are not married you are no more than a friend of the family. This may not effect you today, but there are no guarantees in life that someday, you may wish you had gotten married. Just a piece of paper? Think again!
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1 Response Sep 23, 2010

You are so very right!! Thank you, Hugs, LW