More Than Infatuation...

"I believe marriage is more than a piece of paper". This is also what I believe. This is also why I'm still single at 44. You should hear the men I meet now. "What?! You've never been married? But you're attractive! I can't believe you've never been married!" In other words-it's all the man's decision. I have no say so in the matter. It also makes it sound as though marriage is just a life event-like getting your period or going to college-you should be married at a certain age, and then get divorced. I'm sure I could've had a few marriages (and then of course divorces) by now, but I think of marriage as incredibly important. I think so highly of marriage because I believe marriage is becoming obsolete (as I think it should ). At this time people don't seem to be very serious about marriage-you get married if you get along and have good sex. Nowadays people marry solely on infatuation.
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I think your last thought here is spot on. I also think a.woman traditionally would.concern herself with a mans ability to provide. The.lines are getting blurred there.
I was married, and loved being married..When common goals are.shared, and both love and respect one another. The marriage will.flourish hopefully. Its more than a piece of paper, if you BOTH believe it. I look forward to being married again someday.
I hear some.folks.say its.just a.piece of paper and I want to.ask, do you.listen to yourself?!

My mother was that way-you marry for life. My father, however, always thought-"Well, if it doesn't work out we'll just divorce". My mother came from that time where marriage was the only option for a woman, so they were married for over 30 years, but were separated when my father died (and this was over 20 years ago-my mother died in 2008).

I agree with you. Now everybody gets married with the thought in the back of their mind ...if it does not work out I get a divorce.<br />
I married for life .....