An Angel That Bears A Sword

I've been thingking a lot about marriage lately. I've realised that I've always thought finding someone to love me would be like the end of the love story... and then we'd live happily ever after. It's occured to me that that's just the beginning. Then the hard part comes, the real work. I've always looked at marriage as something for me, something that will make me happy and secure and loved. But that's pretty selfish. " He leaned forward, his elbows on his knees." I always thought, you know, that if I died to myself, the way Jesus talked about, then I'd be able to give up the desire to be married. For Christ, you know. Like what Christ said in John twelve, verse twenty-five: ' The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.' But it's occured to me that God might want me to marry, not just to make me happy but to teach me to give up my life so that I can keep it for eternal life. And that will hurt of course, because dying to myself always does. Not that it's not worth it in the end. But I think marriage will be an angel that bears a sword."
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'''marriage won't be an angel that bears a sword."'
True Love be an angel to bears a sword!!!!!

Let me explain it for you:<br />
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'The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.'<br />
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Here, 'love' is seen as affection, possession, infatuation. The way most 'love' relations are. The way society is built - on compromises and greed That's why they end, too.<br />
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All artificial things come to an end, sooner or later. So will happen with your so called 'security', 'personality', 'belief systems'. You were taught them, you didn't bring them with you here. It is only natural that they will go away...<br />
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"Hate' means becoming stuffed with society's life, with the artificial life that society's institutions create, coming to see the uselessness of the whole system and process, the sheer stupidity of denying your own Happiness in the name of 'moral' values.<br />
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No, the angel with the sword is not the marriage. It is Consciousness Itself.

I think: God didn't design marriage to make us happy, but to make us better.