After All These Years

I just got a call from my wife, she was watching the bachelor finale on TV.  She told me I had to tell the truth. I told her I would.  Now luckily for me the question she asked me, I was able to tell the truth.  But would I have told the truth if I felt it would be hurtful.  I doubt it.  So after being married for over 20 years she asks, "did I ask her to marry me so i could get sex from her all the time"  No I said.  So she asks "then why did you ask me to marry you"  I told her I was getting the sex already, being married or not married would not change that.  I knew she was keeping secrets from me (turns out she was already married and claimed to be single) but I knew basically she was a kind and honest person and was worth getting to know better.  What she didn't understand then  and it looks like now, is that marriage is so much more than sex.  When I read so many stories in the sexless marriage group, it isn't the sex they miss it is the intimacy.  The connection, the love.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Mar 1, 2010