Feeling Much Better!

I have talked to men and a lot of them have low selfastem to help them feel not such a failure they would drink and let the good times roll, after so many all their bad feeling would go away.Ps I think I spelled boldness wrong oops!

trails trails
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drink is splendid if taken moderately. but men have to make themselves an ***. i like the Britishers who go a pub only in the evening and drink Ale. wonderful people, those Britishers!

Hi trails<br />
I liked your spelling of bouldness. It seemed somehow Freudian. Boulders. Or maybe I just like boulders. I just built a wall with them.<br />
Regarding drink I guess it is a form of self medication like all recreational drug use really. I guess that says a lot about this era of human development. Hopefully the need will pass.<br />
best wishes<br />

Aw! I didn't know this; thank you for the info

Men drink looser cool aid then act stupid and blame it on the drink, go figure.<br />
If you have to drink to be happy then you need to take a closer look at yourself.<br />
Be a real man and deal with life, no one said it would be easy.

I think men drink because they can, and then they drink to "feel good" though, they are already all numb from too many. Amazingly, the day after they feel like xhhw<br />
and start all over again cause "they are bored, they want to feel good" Bla Bla Bla. Self Esteem issues?<br />
We all have that, we dont dope up. <br />
They do it because they are weak people with a strong addiction gene. Thats all.