If I Feel Like Dressing As A Woman I Should Be Able To

I love crossdressing , I dont always want to look and dress like a woman but when i have the urge to transform into a sexy woman i cant resist and have to do it as soon as i can. It makes me feel good , i dont do it all the time just when i have that feminine feeling and it gets me down knowing if i dont stay to the cd/tv/ts/gay bars i will be victimised because i transgender. I yearn for a more tolerant world where i can walk down the street and treated the same weather iam dressed as a man or dressed as a woman. I would never stop crossdressing but it would be nice if i could do so when i wanted and go where i wanted without feeling out of place
hornydevil2710 hornydevil2710
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

same here,i want to dress so badly,but have to do it behind closed doors,it is a shame we are alone