I Believe Men Should Be In Charge

Being in charge means taking responsibility. Expecting women to not nag means undertaking responsibilities oneself, and reassuring them that what you DO offer is sufficient.   In order to maintain masculine authority a man needs to see what has to be done, and then do it.  A man who lets things slide will not maintain the respect of his woman. He will lose authority. Being a manly man is not an easy option. The pleasure of having dominion over a woman or several women does not come about through being a slouch. It means listening, understanding acting on it and and exerting authority.  Never promise to do some task that you do not intend to perform just to shut her up.  If you don't want to do it, you confront the issue and tell her so, reasonably and honestly.
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2010

Very good. Cheers deleted.

Thank you. I'm just grateful that there are real men out there. I would love to be with a man like you with real authority who would keep me in my place. Sadly there aren't enough men like you around. I would be more than willing to share such a man with other women if I had the chance to spend at least some time with him. I hope you have a woman who appreciates you.

I agree. sometimes there are challenges when my girl ignores me or changes the subject. Funny how things comes around when she needs something from me.

Most men seem to be immune to understanding this. They are the huge group of "boys" who have elected to not become Men.