Work And Play

This story will be vague on several thIngs, the point should be clear.

Today at work my (employer) made it a point that I should sign some papers due to the fact that (the store) I am hired to install items is not ready to open yet and smart phones are a security issue. No pics or descriptions of any type are to be posted about (the store). My attorney was present as well as (the store's attorney). My email was under scrutiny ( since I voluntarily gave lT access.)
I was questioned as to several Adult sites and need to detail before I lost my job. (LOLOLOLOLOL) after explaining to IT and the lawyers verified that my intrests did not compromise the ideals of (the store), it was decided that although several agreed with my intrests, and we exchanged hilarious small talk, us spanko's are welcome just about anywhere!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
KLT3skippy KLT3skippy
31-35, M
May 31, 2012