My Face Became A Tennis Ball

I have 2 dominant female friends who are lesbians. Pretty athletic tough ladies who are a bit bossy towards me when I hang out with them but I kinda like it and they sense that. Well yesterday we were watching the U.S. Open and Kierra says "Damn, Serena hits with power!" and I chime in "Imagine being the ball!" and with that she says-slaps the **** out of me and says "Stop imaging!" Stacie gets a kick out of it and says to Kierra "We should play tennis right now!" I'm still stunned from an amazing open hand smack to the face that had me seeing stars but I knew that this was going to be a painful visit with the girls. So they stand in the middle of the floor and command me to come kneel in front of them. I willingly obey and once they decided who would go first they began to rare back and take turns slapping me in the face. Each time they would either giggle or compliment the other on how hard the slap was or how stupid they made me look. One time I can't remember who but I believe it was Stacie, slapped me so hard I let out a sound that amused both of them. I remember Kierra saying "Wow watch his face when you hit him it's hilarious!" Eventually I tapped out and the "volley" ended when I fell to the floor on my back! They began to cheer and they both put their feet on my chest claiming victory. I couldn't tell you who won but then they decide to stand on my chest and reward each other with a passionate kiss. I'm laying on my back and two girls are standing on my chest making out. Well eventually it got too much for them and they made their way to the back room and continued their fun. Unfortunately they locked the door so I was left in the living room with a red face and a hard on for my troubles!
slappee slappee
41-45, M
Sep 10, 2012