I Wouldn't Say "should"

I wouldn't say that men "should" share their women, any more than I would say they should not.  People gotta do what is right for them.

What I would say is that you shouldn't knock it if you haven't tried it.  There is something incredibly intense about sharing your wife with other men, and for us, it vastly enhanced not only the quality of our sex life, but the sense of intimacy and connection.  We can talk about anything if we can talk about her desires and involvement with other men!   And what is there left to hide from each other if we are open and honest about this?

Cheating and secrets are destructive.   Even if they are never found out.  

It feels so good when I push my **** into my wife's warm wet *****, feel her tight embrace around my **** as she lies there sweetly, her legs and ***** open to take me hungrily into her.   Then the realization flashes across my awareness that another man has felt that same wet embrace clinging tightly as his bare naked **** penetrated so intimately into my beloved and devoted wife.   At that point it becomes a challenge not to immediately *** in her as the intensity of our sexual union becomes so great.

The very thought of it never fails to make my **** hard and cause me to be eager to make love to my wife.   She knows that all she has to do to get me hard and eager is to mention it, even in a subtle way.  If she wants something, she knows that all she has to do is tell me she will **** someone else for me if I'll let her have it, and it is hers!
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I love your story , I"m still waiting for mine but it's even hot thinking about it .

Patiently waiting is the key. It is very common, if not universal, for a wife to say "It will never happen," and even to deny that it holds any interest for her. There are many understandable reasons why this is her reaction, but if you think about it, that is highly unlikely to be her real, deep down feelings. Why would a woman suddenly lose interest in sex with other men just because she has a ring on her finger? The idea of a "last fling" before marriage is not uncommon, as is the reality of wives who cheat.

However societal expectations require her to deny this, even to herself, thinking that if she has an interest in sex with someone else, she is a "bad wife."

That can be a high obstacle to overcome, but I believe, and my formerly resistant "No Way" wife now agrees, that almost any woman would love to do this, if she could come to believe that her husband will honestly enjoy it, AND that he won't expect reciprocation (so far, I have not come to believe that most wives can handle the same from their husbands).

So . . . . make it clear that reciprocation is not only not expected but not even desired, and then patiently wait, for years, while she slowly adjusts to the idea over time.

During that time, don't press or push, at ALL. You don't need to keep reminding her all the time, and this can even be counterproductive, as she can easily feel overwhelmed by it, or come to think that you are more interested in this than you are in her.

If possible, get her to agree to it as a "fantasy only", so that she can stick her toe in the water, play with the idea without being overwhelmed. If she does agree to role play or talk about it during sex, don't go crazy and start pushing. Plan to back way off after she makes any small step forward, and let her integrate the experience. She doesn't need to have you talk about it, tell her that it is OK, press her to discuss it, etc. Instead, show her that it's not a huge deal and that nothing has changed (other than that you become more loving and attentive) after she acknowledges her desires.

If she says anything negative about it, don't try to persuade her she is wrong. Show her that you accept her feelings (which as you well know, change all the time!). Accepting her resistance will do more to help her feel confident and safe than any amount of trying to convince her. It is only when she feels fully accepted and sure of your love for her that she becomes able to consider stepping outside her comfort zone.

i really like ur paragraph....it s so exciting when i think an other man and my wife as ur paragraph....

You are lucky couple. So many men can only fantisize about it.