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The saying " Money can't buy love" : what a bullshit cliche! Honestly, when your looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, do you pick the bum that can't afford the shirt on his back for the lack of a job? It's one thing if they have a job, whether it be bad pay or good pay, and actually try to earn a living. If money can't buy love then why are most arguments between couples about money? Sure, your happy together, all you need is the love and sharing between each other, right? What if you don't have anything to share? If the man has no money he begins to feel inadequate ( well a man who wants to work anyway) because he can't support his family. He's suppose to be the man. Fight one: the woman makes more money than the man. Fight two: Both complain because they don't have to money to go do things together. Example: going to the movies, vacations, traveling. Or the fight's begin when you realize you don't have the money to better the objects in your life: car, house, schooling, child's welfare. The fact is, when money is involved, the more you have the less worrying there is. The less you have the more exhaustion, frustration, and guilt there is.
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You gals have got it ALL WRONG ! ! !<br />
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You can't BUY love . . . BUT you can RENT it ! ! ! <br />
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Me and my fiance both works our ***** off and we are both raising our daughter and we're comfortable how things are. What I'm saying is that when money is tight more fights are likely to happen over money and from there your more likely to start fighting about other things. I didn't look for a man who had money because I don't want to be supported but I also didn't look for a man who didn't want to work but who insist on complaining about how we never have enough money.

I agree with brother has a wife and she is the breadwinner...makes 100 K per year and works her a** off (and loves it). My brother is the stay at home dad who cares for 2 children. It works well for them b/c they are both doing what they want to do and have financial security. The financial security is important but to look for someone that "has money" means you're not looking for love or qualities in that person. There is way too much superficiality in our world today and being materialistic is the driving force behind that. And living according to old stereotypes that a man has to be the provider and the woman the caregiver/receiver.

I agree, money is important for peace of mind and a less stressful life, but that doesn't mean the more money someone has, the happier you will be with them. The bum you see all day and have no security, and the workaholic you never see, but have security. To me, the ability and willingness to manage money responsibly, and the ability to earn a living wage are the necessary qualities in a man, much more than just amount of money. However, I agree completely that money is not irrelevant in a relationship to any degree.