Appearances Vs Reality

At first glance the Mormon / LDS organization is all about friendliness, family and the upholding of values that many believe have been vanished over the years. This is a very well maintained appearance, built on rehearsed lies and endlessly practised routines meant to make people believe what the organization needs them to believe.

From the very start, the organization was built on a set of lies. Joseph Smith lied and made false claims, going as far as to plagerize the Bible while claiming that it had been given to him by an Angel through an obscured code.  The code was so "obscure" that Joseph Smith went as far as to copy grammatical errors from the King James' Bible which of course having been a simple man he could not have known. So how can anyone explain that an Angel on a divine quest gave this erroneous information to him?

From there the lies only multiplied drawing in weak minded people who needed to believe in something. Blacks, or "Dark Skinned" people were labelled as being slaves in this world and the one to follow because this was the belief of the time and region. It was only when the civil rights movement gained momentum that the LDS Organization suddenly had a divine revelation and retracted this position, welcoming blacks as equals. Yet the text is still part of the scriptures and many within the organization still believe that blacks are doomed to servitude in this life as well as the next.

Likewise for marriages and having multiple wives. The LDS / Mormon organization still strongly believes that a man is meant to have multiple wives, despite the current political stands on this practice and the church's own public stance. The reality is that men are encouraged to quickly remarry and have their new union sealed to insure that they will have multiple wives in the next life should their current wife passes on.  In some states and countries, this is not even required as multiple marriages are accepted.

That man is destined through hard work and devotion to become a god himself, as Jesus did after the Heavenly Father gave him the earth as his domain over his brother Lucifer is not openly discussed for fear that the mass population might see the LDS organization as what it truly is -- a NON-CHRISTIAN denomination.

If you have questions about this organization and its ideas, seek your answers outside of their sphere of influence. Talk to people who have escaped from the inner hell and listen to what they have to say. Only then will you get a true picture of what this organization is about, which is far from the illusion and fantasy that this organization wants everyone to believe -- including their own members.
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I once dated a Mormon but it never got serious and didn't last long.