This Is Not A Story

Right now at this point I know I have lived and yet have often wondered of the things I have done like, how can I live knowing that each day brings me sorrow and pain, water falls from the sky but has no wings to fly. how can I work knowing stress follows strain, fish swim in the sea but do not need to breath, how can I think knowing the shame I have gained. and a flower will grow but never becomes a tree. This must be true because no one can see that all things in life were meant to be. So let me close my eyes and wake with the sun so I can wonder once more how things are done
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46-50, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

Sounds like you are not experiencing enough pleasure. Know this:

In whatever mind imagination and Communication-Excellent co-exist, there is happiness. If there is sadness, one or both ate missing. :-)

thanks for that, i wrote this because i was feeling lost and bewildered about my life, im just so happy i dont have that in me because im older wrote this when i was 24-25. I have more which i will try to put on here see you around.

Hey no problem man.