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          The sun was beating down on the city. The temperature was around 109 today. It was 108 yesterday and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Sue Ellen had to do something. She just couldn't take it any longer. She was turning from a juicy grape and turning into a raisin. She remembered her friend in the country Alice something. Oh what was her last name? She looked for her little phone book. After an hour she gave up and sat down on the couch in front of the fan. It wasn’t cold but it was a wind. She let her fingers go between the cushions. Suddenly she felt something small, what was it? She fingered it and then brought it out. Yes, it was her little phone book. Good she looked for Alice’s number. She found t and then got to the phone. She dialed it hastily with sweaty fingers. When it rang her heart beat fast and so loud she could hear it herself.      Hello, Alice answered. Hi Alice this is Susie. You remember from school? Oh, hi Sue what’s happening? Oh nothing but getting fried from the sun and heat here. What’s up with you? Oh we are going to have a picnic tomorrow, you know all the girls from school. Say Sue why don’t you hop into your car and come out for a week or so. Okay Yeah I think I will. Do you still have that big lake out there? Yes and is it ever cool this time of year. Alice, don’t say any more I’ll drive out today and be there in 5 hours. That is if the cops don’t stop me first.
          Sue drove fast but safely and was at Alice’s house in 4.5 hours. She walked up to the door with her suit case in hand and rang the bell. It took a couple of minutes before someone heard the doorbell. When it opened their stood one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen. Hi I’m Sue, I came to see Alice. Oh Hi I’m Patty. Come on in she’s expecting you. Alice met Sue half way. They ran into each other’s arms then hugged and kissed each other on the cheeks. Patty was watching with eager eyes. Patty meet my best friend in college and the best lover too. With that patty said ooooouu and wickedly smiled. They all laughed and went upstairs to a big bedroom. It had three beds in it. One had a pink doll on it. Sue said I bet that’s Patty’s bed. Yep you’re right. How could you tell? They laughed and helped Sue to put her things away. When Alice came to Sue’s pajamas she laughed and said you won’t need these here. With that she threw them into the garbage can. When the finished Alice said you hungry? Yep I could eat a horse! Patty said I hope she doesn’t think I am that big. All the girls started to laugh and went down stairs for a snack.
           After they ate Alice asked Sue what was going on in the city. Well I don’t know. All I know is it is over 105 degrees every day and no end in sight. The weather man said something about the planets going crazy or something. Sue asked if they we ready to go swimming? I am said patty. She had her top and bottoms off before she got to the stairs. Her undies weren’t long after. By the time she got to the top she was naked. She stopped and tuned around to show off. She giggled and waked into the bedroom with her finger beckoning someone anyone to come to her. Sue looked at Alice and said is she for real? Alice said go up and find out. That is if you’re not to chicken. Sue looked at Alice and leaned into a long, slow and sweet kiss from her friend. After she got up and went up the stairs collecting clothes. When she got to the top she looked around one last time and smiled. Tally HO she said to herself. She walked briskly into the bedroom. There she was surprised to see Patty lying on the bed on her back with her knees bent up and spread apart. Come for something sweet did you. With that Sue got mad but she was also aroused with the young girl’s sweet scent of sex. No, she was too confident. Sue took the clothes and threw them at her and said, we pick up after ourselves here. You will find that out young lady. Sue went to her suit case and picked out her sexiest 2 piece. She slowly turned around and started to disrobe very slowly and seductively. She could see Patty from her mirror. She was eagerly watching as Sue took her blouse off slowly and then reaching around to unclasp her bra. Patty’s eyes were as big as saucers. She thought she could see some wetness coming from the corner of Patty’s mouth.  She then ever so slowly put her thumbs into her waist band and pushed down the shorts she was wearing. AS she watched Patty she felt herself getting wetter inside her vagina. She could feel it starting to run down the inside of her leg. She wanted to turn and stick her ***** right into Patty’s face. But no she had to be taught not to be too confident. Sue would teach her. She reached for her very skimpy bottoms. Hell all they were two threads tied together. She put them on and turned and said, aren’t you going to the lake with us? Oh ahh yeah, yeah I’m getting ready now. I just had to rest a minute. Patty jumped up and put on her suit in a second. Sue waited a minute for her. When Patty was ready Sue let her go first and when they got to the door way Sue spanked Patty on the *** cheeks. It made a smack and patty jumped up a little. He turned around and giggled. Then she stopped and kissed Sue. She used her tongue so gracefully Sue was stunned and taken back a step or two. OK let’s save that for later ok? OK Sue whatever you say honey. They went down and found Alice already in her suit. Her clothes were thrown all over the living room. Patty and Sue looked at each other smiled and laughed. Alice said hey what’s the joke? Patty said I’ll tell you later. With that they all went to the car for the 2 minute drive to the lake of love. Or that is what they used to call it when they were young.
          When they got to the lake they were shocked. The lake was almost all dried up. They stopped and looked at each other. Where did all the water go? Just then they heard a voice say something. They turned around to see a young lady standing there with a divining rod. It has moved, moved to another place I felt it. I was lying in bed yesterday and I felt it move under my bed to another place. Yeah, where did it move to Alice said. Come let’s find it. With that she held the rod between her hands and closed her eyes. She moved the way the rod pointed. Sue looked at the young girl with some reservations. Who was this young girl? Why was she here? Why was she dressed so shabbily? The young girls dress was torn on the side. Sue could see the girls under panties. They too were dirty and old. Sue felt a kind of magnetism to her. It was as though they were meant to be here now together. Why? They walked for about one half miles when they came to another lake. This lake was also on Alice’s property. But this was impossible. This lake was never here before. Alice grew up here. Sue looked in dismay. Where did this come from Alice, Sue asked? I don’t know. It wasn’t here a week ago. Oh well never mind let’s go swimming Patty said and went to jump in. NO, NO you mustn’t the young girl said standing in front of her. Why said patty. Then the girl took a stick and tossed it into the water. As the stick hit the water the stick was starting to shrivel up. Just like it was eaten up by acid. Oh my patty said. That could have been me. She turned to the girl and hugged her and said thank you. You saved my life. With that Patty started to cry and hugged the girl so much she was starting to keep the girl from breathing. The girl started to turn blue. Sue said Patty let her breath for goodness sake. Oh I’m sorry. Alice asked the girl what her name was and where she lived. The girl became frightened and turned to run. Sue sensed it and sad it was ok not to worry. You are among friends here. I live in the woods with the animals the girl said. How did you know about the water Sue asked? I was walking through here the other day and I seen a fox catch a squirrel. Before the fox could eat it the water came up from the ground and ate the body of the squirrel up!
          Alice said we need to go to town and tell the authorities about this so no one else can get hurt. They all agreed and said they would go into town as soon as they got the girl into something more presentable. It only took 2 minutes to get her fixed up. Then they went into town. Thy told the mayor and the sheriff about the lake. The mayor said they would have the geological society look into it. The sheriff got a lot of men and they fenced off the lake so no one’s cattle could wander into it. With that the girls went to Alice’s house. The new girl had never been inside a house before. Patty was the first to ask the girl how old she was. Old? She asked what is that. How many years are you patty said. I don’t know the girl said. Ok what is your name? I don’t have one. Do y0u know where your parents are? I don’t have anyone, I was just here and I live with the animals. When I saw you I knew you would help me to help the animals. Alice said I know we will call her Nature. How’s that? They all thought about it and agreed. They said the girl’s name would be nature from now on. All agreed even nature agreed. After that they thought about giving nature a head start on tomorrow with a bubble bath and some clean clothes. They led her into the bath helped her to *****. I’ll help her patty said. I knew she would do that Sue said to herself. Patty led her into the bathroom and slowly helped her to take her clothes off. The young girl had budding breasts with very large areolas’ with no hair on her body except for her head and around her public area. The hair color was as white as snow. It was soft to the touch. Patty looked at nature and just kept running her hands through her hair. Alice came in and said that’s enough Patty. I think her hair is combed enough. She gave Nature a pair of shorty shorts and an almost see thru blouse. No one had a bra that was her size. From the looks of her she wore a 34 A. almost a B. Sue was down stairs making a salad for dinner with Tuna for a side dish. No one wanted to eat meat in front of nature. When it was ready Sue called everyone to the table. When everyone was seated nature bowed her head and said thank you for this that we eat. looking up at the ceiling. Patty was the first to ask who she was looking at. Nature said the man in the clouds. Who told you there was a man in the clouds? No one I see him once in a while. He talks to me and tells me things. What things? He told me the water that came up here was not to be touched and not to let the animals drink it. The girls looked at each other while nature was eating. When everyone was done the girls cleaned the dishes and nature went to the porch to look outside. She was standing there when Sue came out and stood by her. Do you have any parent’s nature? I don’t know what parents are. You know people who brought you into the world. Someone who took care of you when you were a little baby. Oh I don’t know about that. I was just here. You don’t know who your parents were? Nature turned to look at the forest between the new lake and the old lake. The trees are going to die you know. Nature looked at Sue and cried. Why are you crying nature? The trees will die and not come back. It will hurt them. They will be in a lot of pain. The trees love the birds and the squirrels that play in their branches. This makes the trees happy. How do you know this nature? They tell me and so does the man in the sky or clouds. With that Sue went in and told Alice she thought nature was getting freaked out. She told them what she said. The other girls thought for a minute. Patty said I believe her. She is going to sleep with me tonight. With that Sue and Alice went to bed.
          The next morning the girls found nature and patty out of the porch looking at the trees. Well it looks like the trees are still there said Sue. Yeah, but look at the leaves and it is only spring. She looked at the beautiful colors of fall leaves. She called Alice to the porch. Look at the trees. They are dying. Alice looked and then ran to the phone in the hall under the stairs. She quickly dialed the mayor’s office. Mayor you need to come out to my house right away. Yes, sir it is very important.       Within 10 minutes the mayor was there looking at the trees. Why are they doing that he asked. Nature said it is because man is killing mother earth. She is dying too. Mother earth will kill the trees then the plants then herself. The mayor looked at the girls and shrugged her statement off. Where did you get this fantastic idea from? That’s what I was told by her. Nature shrugged her shoulders and walked away. Patty said you need to start listening to her. She knows what is going to happen before anyone else does. She stuck her nose up and walked out too.
          Nature went outside and started to cry. Patty came after her and sat alongside. She put her arms around nature and said it was ok she believed her. Nature said you will get into trouble if you stay with me. Patty said I don’t care I love you nature. When she heard that she looked at patty and said I love you too. They sat there and suddenly patty kissed nature for the first time. When nature’s lips touched patty her hair turned white as snow. Patty had some strange feeling then. She said I can feel what mother earth is saying. She is crying and in pain. She wants to die.
          Sue and Alice came out to the porch and seen what happened to patty. What is going on here? Why is your hair white as snow? I’m in love with nature and I kissed her. Now I am part of mother earth too. I can feel everything nature can. Mother earth wants to die. If something isn’t done we will all die and it won’t be pleasant.
          In a week Sue and Alice went their way and Nature and Patty went their way. They found another forest and as far as we know they are still living together.
          A for mother earth she is still going on……. But for how much longer?
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Love the story and yes you are right we all have to re-learn to live with nature or Mother Nature will fight back,we might think as human's we are powerfull but Mlother Nature has a few more wepeons in her arsenal that can cause untold distruction to us and the planet!

Thank you so much. I had been think ing of this for a long time like since the late 60's. Well that tells you almost how old I am. I think mathusala is close...Thanks Thecarer