Diamond Tweeters

I've always had a great stereo. I could care less about a TV (except for watching concerts). When I was a teenager, I poured every cent I had into a stereo, and again when I got a car.

I've been able to share this joy with only one woman, unfortunately not my wife. She's was only one who understood my playlists and knew what I was "saying." Now I share my music with my very talented sons, who also introduce me to new artists. It's a great way to share time and a passion.

I guess expression or identification is what I find healing. Either through a combination of songs, or one song that helps me understand what I'm feeling. I suppose that's why I've invested so much into stereo systems. Are diamond tweeters worth it? Many would say no, it's a waste of money. But go to a stereo boutique and listen to Hurt by Elvis Presley on some really, really, really nice speakers, you may change your mind.
christiangray christiangray
51-55, M
May 22, 2012