The Adventures Rdadhd And Mynameishurl Pt 1

RD: damn its boring here

Hurl: yea sorta is boring

RD: wanna go kick some ***?

Hurl: sure why not?

so our super heros go in search of crime on ep land when they come across the confession troll of ep

Rd: holy **** hurl this guys a mess

Hurl: not a prob i got this muthashucker

Rd: ok im right behind u

when all of a sudden another confession troll pops up

Hurl: u take this one

Rd and Hurl: bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do we come for u

Rd: i excmejf hey

Hurl: dude u gotta learn the words

Rd: we usual only do the course

Hurl: damn it the trolls keep coming and coming

Rd: hurl this all ur fault

Hurl:me? how this my fault?

Rd: this aint ur fault?

Hurl: no this is not my fault

well our superheros beat the trolls? well hurl and rd get along? well i finish the pizza while im writing this story?

stay tuned for part two
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

lmfao randomness!

lol sorryy i had to

-.- thats what they all say

lmfao saints!!!!!!

yes he is lively lmfao

Don't know what the furk you are talking about but it made me laugh anyway. :)