The Adventures Of Rdadhd And Mynameishurl Pt2

as u rember our to superheros were in the middle of a arguement and i was eating pizza

Rd :everything is ur fault

hurl :wow u got some nerve sayin that ****

rd :im just speaking the truth

hurl: oh yea what the hell man i come here watch ur back and this how i get done?

rd: it wouldnt be that way if u werent always fighting with anons everynight

then all of a sudden a conf.troll takes rd hostage

hurl :whoa theres way to much moving going on around here all u anon conf trolls stay still

anon conf troll :we got our rights

hurl :why dont u excercise ur right to shut the fudge up
sir u can put ur gun down and ill just shoot u in the leg
or u can keep acting tough and **** and ill plant one in ur chest

rd :or or third option talk it out u know desescalate situation

hurl: talk talk u wanna talk see thats that bull **** dont listen to him this what thearpy will get u

rd :hurl the troll has a gun to my head

hurl: ill bet he puts it down if i shoot him in his head

anon conf troll holding rd hostage:u partners a cocky mother ****** aint she

rd: now was that needed she cant be a mother she gotta be a ****** to?

hurl: 5 second


hurl :4 sec

rd: HURL

hurl: 3 sec

rd: HURL

hurl :2

rd: oh **** u gotta forgive her shes on meds she aint working right she tense

hurl: 1
fudge it!!

after a break for adds and a rest room break and a glass of tea
a mass of gun fire that yall missed resulting in every troll dead and rd getting shot
in his ***

another ep superhero shows manyhills

Mh: yall alright?

hurl: yea we"re fine

rd: we what u mean we mothersucker shot me in the ***

hurl: who shot u?

rd: who that who be u

hurl:me? i shot ya i was shooting i was doing alota shooting im not sayin i shot ya and im not sayin i didnt shoot ya but damn someone shot u n the ***

well folks it seems as if another day on ep land has been saved
well rd forgive hurl for shooting him in the ***?will hurl learn to control her temper? will i get me another pizza? stay tuned for oh who give a flying **** yall aint even listening
saintsforever saintsforever
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5 Responses May 14, 2012

lmfao saints!!!!!! damn you

lol poor rd

lmfao my favorite part was the anon troll saying "we got our rights" and poor RD getting it in the bum

yea i thought it was pretty funny

he he