Jb+cowboy Hat And Wranglers=cowboy Troy?

saintsforever saintsforever
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hey jb u gonna compete in the rodeo this weekend?

who do you think i am? someone thats lame? of course im going to compete pffft! i need chewing tabacco so i can really fit in. or marlboros... which i already shmoke haha.

oh i got ur chew right here copenhagen winter green

yes menthol chew, you know how us darkies *cough* love our menthols. lmao.


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lmao just notice i geting a add for cavenders western wear

im getting stuff for russian singles lmao.


imma be the haughtest and most straight cowboy evuh then. (brokeback mountain ****** cowboyism up for everyone though.. thats why this is a challenge) whenevuh your down im down. *super retarded forseriously forserious face*

so jb needs wranglers chaps a pearl snap hat and a cowboy hat? lmao jb shoulda never mentioned u listen to country music

lmfao, i dont listen to country anymore silly ******, i said back when i was a tiny young lad i did for a lil bit.. like when i was 6 haha. =D

yep but u told that to the wrong person

apparently hahaha, please be gentle with how you go about using that info, im sooo sensitive haha.

ur secrets safe with me

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mhmmm chaps too! You'll look delightful *serious face*

your gonna get me chaps also, buhg? lmfao i accept your challenge. *extra forserious face*

lmao im buying JB a cowboy hat

you would want to, buhg. lmfao. =D

*sighs* lmao i'll be this guy, his flow is noht even bad at all... still bettuh then lil wayne BY FAR! yep... so **** you saints. *turns up the volume up on this* ;D

getting you some chaps too


not yet

lmfao! this is hilarious. Did you send it to JB yet?