Punk1n And The Missing Panda Pt 2

So as punk1n is relaxing while trying to drink her 30 gallon bucket of coffee the phone rings

boss: punk1n come in

punk1n: here

boss: we got a lead on the panda

punk1n: **** that gay *** panda

boss: agent u got a damn job to do

punk1n: fine where is this panda?

boss: somewhere lost in troll city

punk1n: ok well let me get dressed then

boss: ok

* punk1n slips into a all black suit complete with thigh high leather boots black gloves and a pink bow in her hair:

*driving in her coffee cup car sliding at 110 miles per ounce*

*she gets to the out skirts of troll city*

*then the trolls show up*

punk1n: ok u bastards *** trolls lets do this *pulls out sawed off double shotguns complete with infinty amo*

first troll rushes in she shoots him head shot

then another troll comes shoots him in his chest

boss: u find that panda yet?

punk1n: kinda busy here

the trolls keep coming and punk1n keeps blasting away

punk1n: **** this **** *gets in her coffee cup car and runs them over*

boss: agent we need u back at base

punk1n: fine

well punk1n find the panda? well she ever get farther then what she does?
where in the hell did she get a coffee cup car and how do i get one?
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Jan 9, 2013