My God Is Awesome

My God has answered alot of prayers over the years, but probably the the first time meant the most to me. When I was child, I was often told how good Jesus was .  One  day I got determined to know who he was.   I was about seven years old at the time.   I watched my favorite bible show. On the show the kids were praying and they're prayers were getting answered.   I was so happy to find out that he was real and alive...I could feel God pour his spirit into me, and  had more joy than I'd ever felt.   When the show was over, I went walking through my house, and this amazing joy would not go away.   I walked past a room where my sisters were fighting, one lost a contact lens on the floor. The fight stopped and they looked a long time for it, and they finally gave up.  When they left  I decided to look for it,  as we did not have the money to replace it.   I looked for a few minutes and then I remembered that I could pray to God for help.  I just looked up and prayed the best I knew how.  The moment I looked down I saw it !   I remember that afterward I went to sit on my couch, and God's perfect peace settled on me, it was unlike anything I had ever felt before.  I've never once doubted that He existed since then. 
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Your story is similar to my experience when I first felt the presence of God in my life. I was 11 years old at the time and had borrowed a book from the library on the crucifixion. At the time I was going through puberty and was alarmed that my breasts were starting to hurt. No one had ever spoken to me about the changes in puberty and I wasn't sure what was going on. Anyhow, as I read the story, I remember a sense of abounding joy and this immense love being poured into my heart, I didn't even know why. I suppose God was reaching down then and making Himself acquainted with me. Anyhow when I went to bed that night. It was probably the first time in my life I prayed with any real expectation that somebody was hearing me.

thank u jesus u have done it again it is true he is alive i too have proven hiim he is a big great wonderful god he never fail though men may fail

oh for sure, absolutely. it is our job to make a difference. I was just saying that, those are not without his mercy. i had a friend who did missions in Africa, and they were very responsive, and most hungry for truth. unlike most Americans who like sc<x>ripture warns us not to do ...have eaten, and are full, and have forgotten who has provided it. so if being hungry brings more to God for all eternity, who am I to judge?

Well as a christian isn't it part of our mission to go out and save people from the horrors of this world, to get to the pleasures of the next? This world means nothing if you believe that you will be going somewhere better. So as for the Africa thing, well, It is our mission to go out and help them, but more importantly to teach about God so they can be with him in paradise as well. God bless!

Isn't it great that God loves us? :-) Thanks for sharing your story. God has answered my prayers as well, even as a child. Hope you have a wonderful day!

You know , maybe I'm kind of numb, and and have not asked that kind of question , although I think it's a GOOD ONE. One time Y'shua n asked me what I thought about all the dying children in Africa. Was he mean for letting them die? He said that they are all in heaven. They did nothing to bring that plight upon themselves. All are in heaven ? that sounds pretty good. As for those that don't die, but yet they suffer anyway...I think many of them will be the strongest and the wisest for all eternity. It is hard to measure the eternal things here, in this existence. We learn much more in our hardships, than when everything is just handed to us with no effort.

I'll be honest. As a Christian who questions. Why does God seem to only answer the prayers of people who live in economically sound nations. Why does He seem to disregard to prayers of women who cannot find food, water, or health care for their children?