God Is My Life ♥

I have been taught always that the number one person that you can always depend on, love unconditionally and care for is God. He truly is my everything. God teaches me so much everyday. Always when i feel like I need to talk to someone or cry to someone, I pray. I can pray and have an hour conversation with God and tell Him simply everything. I tell him about my worries, happiness, my love life , and basically everything. I pray to him and thank him for the great life I have and mostly, I thank him that everyone in my family and friends are happy and healthy. Even though i cannot see or hear God, I already know that he loves me and he listens. I have my flaws in my life, and i know sometimes i will be ashamed of what i say or do. But i know that when i pray to him and talk to him like a best friend i look up to; i know he smiles at me and understands. (: I think everyone should praise God for the wonderful life we have today. Too many people take advantage of what we have. Everyone needs to love and thank God every minute. Especially with all that's going on now? We really should pray every second and say how much we love him and comfort him that it will be okay and we know He is depressed sometimes of what happens in the world. People need to pray and say "Not all humans are cruel, all of us love you and we will never disobey you". I think that will make Him happy. (:

God truly is my life. ♥
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Jan 8, 2013