Dear Heavenly Father Creator of all,
Sometimes you amaze me and help me stand tall.
The light you shine through me with each passing day,
grows stronger and stronger the more that I pray.
The wisdom you give me, the knowledge you teach,
I share it with others no one's far to reach.

I give thanks everyday each moment of time,
to know I am blessed by you "The Devine".
I wish only to please and to care for all,
my thanks giving prayers I share with you all.
The wonders I see from your creation and light,
helps me stay strong and continue this fight.
To share with the world, your love, peace and light,
I know together we will win this fight.

To return to love, to peace, tonight,
I pray for the innocents with all my might.
Please lay down your weapons, your trouble, your strife,
no war is justified by taking a life.
Seek only wisdom, peace and love,
this is what Our Father sends from above.
Each person is a part of the blessed Devine,
the Creator loves everyone, everyone's Devine.

Next time you feel anger, betrayed or defeat,
please remember together we stand strong, Not Weak.
If you feel down in the coming of days,
please remember "The Creator" and his loving rays.
So this is the end of my little prayer rhyme,
I pray you remember this, always through time.

Prayers of love and peace xxx

light111 light111
41-45, F
Aug 20, 2014