My Guardian Angel

I believe my Guardian Angel saved my life because one night i was laying in my bed by myself my girlfriend was working over night at the time, and it felt like i dozed off and when i awoke a women walked out of the hallway she was very beautiful she had blonde curly hair walked gracefully she saw me and said hi so i just said hi back i wasnt scared at all. that night i had one of those eletric heaters on the ones you have to keep at a certain distance so the blanket dosent catch fire well it was really close to the side of the bed and that women noticed and told me right away to move over and she grabbed my feet and moved me then she smiled and said well see you later. i then stopped her and aske who are you she looked at me again and smiled then crawled to the bed and gave me a hug while i was laying down, she got up ad was leaving back toward the halloway whe i asked her again who are you she then smiled at me again real big and told me just a friend and left. now at the time it was just me and my two roomates there at the house and one of them was a guy and the other was my girlfriends twin sister so it wasnt anybody in the house, after that it felt like i came out of like a daydream and when i got up i was scooted to the middle of the bed from that point on i knew it was my guardian angel and i see her in everydream that i have she is there protecting me even when iam awake!!

surge surge
18-21, M
Mar 22, 2009