The Best Of Me

My heart way deep inside

The part that no one sees

That is the part that is the strongest and the most  fragile

It is the part of me , that can stand up to the toughest decisions I have to make

Or can break into a million little pieces by a thoughtless word or action

It is my beacon , when I need a light so my foot wont slip on the darkest path

But it can also turn and blind me so that I fall and cut myself deeply

It is the part of me I am most proud of

It is the part of me I fear the most

It is has been ignored by some,  distracted by the soft supple flesh that keeps it warm

It has been sought by others that could not reach it , though they tried their hardest

It has made me run into the most dangerous of situations without a second thought

It has stopped me from tasting the sweetest of empty pleasures

But good or bad , truthful or misleading , tender or ruthless , mysterious or revealing

This part of me will always be my most valuable resource

My heart with all the contradictions ,  is the part that carries me , that fights me , that warms me ...

This one heart I have , that carries memories , and fond dreams .. and tries to make me a better person everyday

It is the best of me.



softkitti softkitti
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13 Responses Mar 5, 2010

=-D smarty pants *trips MM and hops over his prone body *

Hey silly dont I know him??? Whenever you talk with me you speak only about him!! You are obsessed about him darling for sure....<br />
<br /> la..Nobody can match him darling....Women are always very demanding no?

Yes actually he is ...*giggles* too bad you dont know him .. bu I can train u to be such a man .. okay for the training to begin u must bring me ..2 boxes of chocolate .. 1 pair of red high heels , and a carton of dosas with mango chutney .. yes I am addicted *giggles* once you bring that to me let the lessons begin !!=-D

The best of you is the person who stole your heart and taken a permanent place there.....He is the best no??...

Thanks epic darling .. your pretty hotsy totsy yourself chica'.=-)

The best part of you of so many wonderful parts of you. Wonderful writing, as always.

*runs to MM and hugs him tight * yes my darling I really am trying =-)

Follow your heart,ask your brain and then proceed!!

Such paradox the heart is to all of us...but you're absolutely's what makes us, us...and you, YOU! your words in this story, Kitti..............*hugs*

thank you scribbles . .. I felt this one ...*hugs*<br />
<br />
ohh Ak thank you so much sweetie ... *hugs ak tightly *

yep...protect is fragile, yet strong...your is you...<br />
<br />
<br />
God bless!

omg thank you Dem you are a pretty wonderful sweet person yourself .....=-)

This is really beautiful,Kitti...i love it so much!