I Dislike Being Called Stupid

I may be stupid, at least from many other people's point of view. I'm relatively young, haven't seen much of world, and my IQ may not have three digits. That sums up stupid pretty nicely.

Still, I don't like hearing it from other people. If you truly are cleverer than me, you can put me to my place without such a crude, low-quality trick as calling me names. Issues fight, not people.

There is also the issue of what name calling tells about you. Immaturity and desperation, yes, but you also lower yourself to my level. The fact that you had to turn to belittling me hints that you couldn't otherwise stand behind your opinions, which makes the whole comment pointless.

I think I made my point. Thank you for understanding.
Fearofsilence Fearofsilence
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

am in the same shi*.. my family used to call me dumb or in another way just showing me that i was stupid without saying it and they laugh, they think it's funny or am funny. & through years i lost confidence, self like, fear from the outside world & meeting ppl, even fear of talking.. it effecting me pretty much! and the fact that some friends in net also call me dumb.. i don't know how to stop them!! cause i learned to be fake with ppl and not show them what hurts me!!! i don't know how much more would this will carry on.. but as long as am in the same world then it'll never change!! once i manage to change my world i'll find the key to happiness....