It's Never Over Even

If I thought that there was only one answer, I'd look toward another dimension.

If I thought that there was only one right answer, I'd be looking for an alternate reality.

I prefer to think that every answer is the right answer somewhere.

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Let us try your theory:<br />
Two men on a roof were at gunpoint forced to jump off the roof one was Matthew633 and the other HeavyDuty1,<br />
For argument sake, HeavyDuty1 doesn't believe in gravity because he can't see it, and "just because you believe [in] something doesn't make it true" but Matthew633 does believe in gravity. <br />
Matthew633 is forced to the edge of the roof and gets pushed off, gravity the force he doesnt see takes over and pulls him to his death because he believed in something he did not see.<br />
HeavyDuty1, says nothing will happen to me, "just because you believe [in] something doesn't make it true". and just before he jumps willfully, he exclaims "it must be a fun thing to believe in" [gravity but nothing will happen to me]. HeavyDuty1, jumps off willfully and though he did not believe in gravity because he did not see it he is still pulled down by the force he could not see, and dies, when he hits floor.<br />
The moral of the story is just because you cant see something and you dont believe or agree on something that is written or agreed upon doesnt make it not true. <br />
Not matter how much imaginary,hopeful, wishfull thinking.<br />
Truth is Fact and Fantasized reality is Falsity.<br />
Fantasy changes the reality only in the mind but not physically/Spiritually

very good point my friend :) there are very much possibilites around us and we pick one and make it come true and there are still very much possibilities. someone else pick another one and become its their truth. there is no just one truth and there is no just one answer, all is up to us :) Thanks for sharing... HUGS*

If one answer was the only answer, then there would be no need to ask further questions.