I Miss My Great Grandpa.

Frist it was my grandma, next my step grandpa, and now my great grandpa that all past away and I feel like I want to go crazy. But Ive been keepin my emotions in check so that my family wont see how much pain im in. this time when my great grandpa died all I feel now is emptiness in me. the last time I saw my great grandpa was 10 years ago and hes gone, all I did was made him lough when I was little and now all I can do is cry and miss him. I should have seen him more often but hes gone and theres nothing I can do, at least hes in a better place with my grandma and step grandpa.
cjdennis19 cjdennis19
18-21, M
2 Responses May 3, 2012

My great condolences.. I have 3 grandma 1 grandpa 1 great grandpa and 1 great grandma all passed away and i get to know them only through photos. My grandpa passed away on the way back after buying banana for me when I was 1 years old, fell down from bike. I don't know what it feels like to have loving grandpa and grandma around.. but I bet it will be the best in the world..

I understand you totally. I lost my Grandmother and two Grand Uncle's in just a few months when I was in HS. It was my first big loss it will get better.