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Its Always The Same

Whenever I get into the woods or out on a deserted lake beach, I want to be nude! The air on your skin, the energy of the Earth tickling your feet, cool water washing away the stress of crowded daily's all unbelievably and spiritually refreshing.
It is natural to be is burying yourself in artificiality...and being nude in the outdoors away from civilization reconnects you with what it means to be truly free.
gillianmcg gillianmcg 56-60, F 16 Responses Sep 24, 2010

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You've said it well and that is how I feel, too.

I agree with every thing you said,being at a deserted lake beach or in the woods,the air on the skin feels wonderful,the feeling of the earth beneath my bare feet,and taking a dip in the river is so refreshing.I have been nude like that all day,and it was such a wonderful feeling.

I agree completely. I have a few secluded spots on the water, both ocean and inland pond, where I enjoy relaxing and swimming nude. I also have a private, secluded 6 acre piece of woodland that I enjoy walking around on nude.


i love being in nature. my backyard is somewhat secluded and allows for me to lay out nude at times.

add me can we chat looking for fellow naturists

I love to be naked as much as I can. I love going to the woods and getting naked and where ever else I can. <br />
I just wish my wife would feel the same. I had a girlfriend and we use to get naked all the time.

My wife and I love being naked both together in bed for a good shag and also for a walk in the woods naked, I do not think there is anything wrong with it, why are people so peculiar about it.

I can't believe the way I feel when I am naked..... I am rejuvinated by the freeness. Taking a late night swim in the ocean is more that refreshing, it is spiritual. Try it with someone. You can become refreshed and ready for tomorrow.<br />
Nudity and nature do go hand in hand. I agree.

Yes I like to get out and do my exercises each morning, nude of course and feel the air and sun on my body it feels wonderful. cheers to all !!!!!!!!

I too agree when I go somewhere pretty I wanna get naked

Nothing is more pleasant than having the breeze on your body or the wonderful feeling of water flowing over your body.

Its amazing how it makes you feel reconnected....a part of it all. Well said!!!

Couldn't agree more.

I love it!

Well said. And it is sooo true too.