Little Chance To Be Nude Outdoors

Some time back when I owned a nice piece of land in the country, I got the courage to go outside nude.  It was relatively safe unless someone decided to visit.  But that experience got me hooked on enjoying being outside nude.  I was able to go days sometimes without getting dressed at all doing gardening, lawn maintenance and any other thing I could think of.  In the evenings I couldn't sit still in the house, so, I just went out and wandered around enjoying the feeling.  Now, I live in the city having sold the farm, and getting chances to be outside nude during the day are few and far between since I like to be sure that the neighbors are not around.  There is one neighbor who doesn't mind, but the only one I have talked about enjoying outdoor nudity.  Late evenings there is an opportunity to go out and walk around my little apple orchard, but one has to be careful not to get bit up or stumble upon any wildlife.  We have quite a few skunks in the neighborhood.  LOL
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1 Response Mar 18, 2011

Oh what I'd give to have the freedom you describe. I have lived in town all of my life and no place Ive ever lived has had enough privacy to afford such a luxury. It is my wife's and my dream to one day have a home and property where clothing can definitely be optional. Our only chance to be nude out doors now is to go out by a local river or somewhere in the national forest that is fairly remote and secluded....but the closest place is over an hour away so it isnt often we get to go.