Nude And Natural.

 I have already said this.  I love to be nude.  I am now.  Wearing clothes is a hassle, but I occasionally have to go out, and I'm not sure what sort of reaction a naked man pushing a trolley in the supermarket would get.
When I'm home however, the clothes come off.  I'm nude now sitting on the computer, and have been since I got up.
It's a great feeling.  I wish others new how great.  The only time I wear clothes at home now is if it gets too cold to be nude.
Nudity and Love of Nature.  I used to love stripping off my clothes and running through the "brush", and during the Summer, I try to get to my local "Free"
Clothes are a necessity alas, but to truly discover Nature you have to be Nude.
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4 Responses Mar 28, 2011

i am a christian nudist love being with out clothes on<br />
raise my daughters the same way i told them do as you wish if you went to be with out go enjoy if you perfer skimpy clothing bknis thongs things like that so be it<br />
turn out they enjoyed the freedom of no clothes

I always heard the best way to experience the world is to be naked in it.

I`m a Christian nudist also and my kids who are now all grown on their own and they too are nudists. We all respected each other and others and realize our bodies are to be treated properly and respectfully. I can`t wait to be naked when I get home and some of our friends aren`t nudists but they come over and we don`t get dressed and they respect it.

It is too bad others can`t understand the freedom of nudity.

you are so right would love to chat

Where in the Universe are you?

Oh how true it is. To be nude is a pleasure. I too am naked from the time I rise to the time I go to bed or go out. I`m even nude when certain friends come over as they know I am a nudist doing no har. I go out on my balcony and suntan nude. Talking to friends on Skype with a webcam is nice while nude. <br />
<br />
It does save on laundry bills and clothes don`t wear out as fast.