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Naked In The Outdoors

I love being naked alone in the outdoors. The feeling of connection to nature is unbelievable. At no other time does the quote "You are a child of the universe - you have a right to be here..." ring so true.
Idealist11 Idealist11 56-60, M 3 Responses Aug 30, 2011

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Ah, yes. The old "Desiderata" song. Popular so long ago.... :/ Now you know how old I am.

I agree.Whenever I am outdoors,I must be naked and barefoot.As a child we grew up in a very beautifull part of the country,surrounded by dforrests nd hills,and ever since I was a boy aged six,I would go hiking in the hills and mountains all alone,naked and bare foot whenever I coukd get the chance,I cannot remember a single time I ever wore clothes.I just like that sensation of beeing utterly naked and vulnarable,and I must admit it,and I do not mean to be offensive or pervet the topic,but I often had erec.tions,and it was totally in response to my vulnarability and freedom and smallness,but it never lasted long.I raised my child as such as well to be a nudist,and he often had the same responses,and I encouraged him to apprciate the feelings and sensations without eeling threatnd or shy.

I love experiencing the elements in the nude as well. ;)